August 29, 2008

Hearing God: my challenge II

"But I thought you heard God?"

After my father asked me the above question, 'God said' became two heavy words that I find difficult to say. I only dare use those words after what I heard has happened. Then I would begin to testify boldly. After my father's question, I took a break from hearing God. You may ask did God allow me to take a break. I think not. I realized he was still speaking and so I began to obey once again.

The journey of hearing God has not been bread and butter. Several incidences happened afterward in which I thought I heard God but the events did not happened as I supposedly heard. I found myself getting more and more discouraged. I took several breaks from hearing from God and obeying until the year 10th March 2005 when I received instruction from God that if he gives me his word I should write it down. Indeed, this was God coming to my rescue to deliver me from frustrations. So from then I got a book and began to write down God's word to me. I must confess here that I do not write all but writing down his words to me has helped a great deal.

Whenever the word comes to pass, I go to where I had written it and put down the date it happened as well as the words 'He did it'. If it did not happen, I wrote such words like 'failed', 'it did not happen' or stated what happened in place of what I heard. On 23rd June, 2007, I wrote in the same book, 'it appears hearing God is still a battle but I am not giving up'. It was a major step in my journey of hearing God for me to get to this point. I no longer take breaks or fall out with God when things do not happen as I supposedly heard.


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