August 9, 2008

Hearing God: my challenge

My first experience at hearing God and obeying the supposed word was embarrassing if not devastating. About eighteen years ago, before I took the entrance examination into the university, I was to indicate my 1st, 2nd and 3rd choices of universities on the application form. I prayed about and wrote down the universities in the order I heard (or thought I heard). My parents were surprised at my first choice to which I replied that it was God's instruction to me. It is usually not easy for anyone to argue with one who God has given instruction. Even if you doubt that God actually spoke to the person but you are left with the choice of waiting for the fulfillment of the word. So my parents did not insist otherwise.

I submitted the forms, took the examination and when the result came out, I did not meet the entrance mark for the university I chose as first choice. It was bad enough that I was wondering what had gone wrong? At that time I was still a novice in the acts and ways of God. It was worse that I was pondering and wondering if I actually heard God concerning my first choice university. It was worst and crippling when my father asked "But I thought you said you heard from God!"


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