August 5, 2008

My Perceived Mandate

I have been having the nudge to have an online journal of my dealings in God. I must confess I have been dragging my feet but it came so strong last month. So I turned to God and said "Alright Father, if it will glorify you, then I accept. But what will the title of the blog be?" I heard "Havilah." I did not know the meaning of havilah and so I set out the same day to find out its meaning. I found out havilah was a place of good gold and had other gems such as onyx and bdellium. Havilah signifies abundance, great wealth, the free flowing lifeforce of God which streams into the mineral Kingdom (the earth).

It is my belief that God desires to reveal to each visitor to this blog, the riches in Him. We struggle through our trials, not understanding that they are to enrich us and draw us closer to God. However, God understands our frailty and is ever patient, waiting for us to attend to what he reveals so that we can be blessed.

This blog is not about theories but about a lady's ups and downs in her walk with God and how all have worked and is working together for her good. It is my belief that it will encourage you to trust God and your encounters with Him.


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