September 11, 2008

Hearing God: my challenge III

Hearing God is still not 100% but I see it as a process which I have decided to gladly go through. My joy is that if I draw close to God, he will draw close to me. I spent some time praying and asking him why I can not consistently know his voice clearly from other voices. I remembered the scripture (John 10: 1-18), where Jesus talked about the sheep hearing the voice of the shepherd. The sheep follow the voice of the shepherd and never follow the voice of a stranger. So I thought to myself; the sheep are able to recognize the voice of the shepherd and never that of a stranger because they have mastered the voice of the shepherd. The shepherd's voice has become familiar. Jesus said he knows his sheep and his sheep know him. So for me to really know God's voice, I ought to know him. I can not know him from a distance; I must draw close and have an intimate relationship with him. The relationship will be intimate and consistent. A daily time with God will draw me closer to recognizing his voice anytime I hear it than weekly, bi-weekly or monthly time with him.

As I continued to pray, I sensed God telling me that for me to identify his voice from other voices, 'self' must die and flesh must be subdued.
  • Self - the desire to be seen, to be know, to be praised, ego, pride and focus on accolades must die and be buried. Then Christ can work through me.
  • I have to come to a point where I accept to be only a channel/vessel for God and nothing more.
  • Yielding to what the flesh wants should cease because satisfying the flesh generates more voices making it difficult to identify God's voice.
  • I must come to a point where I always strive to satisfy the Spirit
  • When self is dead and flesh is subdued, identifying God's voice becomes a piece of cake because at that stage, only his voice becomes audible

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