October 8, 2008

Hearing God: my challenge IV

There are times when you are earnestly seeking an answer from God and He provides it however and through whoever He chooses. So I got more answers to why things dont happen as I supposedly heard when a guest speaker came to our church and talked about "protecting the promise". Then I realized it is one thing to hear God but I ought to protect the word I hear. That I have received a word or a promise does not mean it will be fulfilled. For the promise to be fulfilled, I have to build strong walls of faith around the promise. The promise has to be protected against:
  • Past failures which cripple and hinder one from trusting God and His word
  • present circumstances when things do not align with the promise
  • fear of future failure
  • sin and temptation: there is nothing the devil can throw against the shield of faith and succeed. However, if I yield to sin and temptation, then he can succeed
Finally, hearing God requires that I take time to be with Him in an intimate way so that I can hear his voice clearly and then build walls of protection around the promise.