November 23, 2008

Jehovah who saves cost

I wonder if you have encountered God as one who saves cost? Well, recently, I did. I am doing a research which is being funded by my supervisor and I needed a particular enzyme which could be obtained by Sigma-Aldrich but very expensive and sold in aliquots. Buying from Sigma-Aldrich was not cost effective because I would need a large quantity of the enzyme so I had to try to source it elsewhere. I found a company who was going to give me at a good price but it was not one of the companies registered with the school. For a new company to be registered with the school, a form which required a lot of information would be filled. As I discussed with the procurement officer, He said because of such personal information required, a number of companies are hesitant. In fact some do not respond once he sends the form. Some of such information were recently introduced. Well, a form was sent to the company and the guy it was sent to was nice enough to reply to say he was not going to give some of the information required.

Well, since the enzyme was important to me, I began to consider bypassing the school and it meant I would have to pay with my money. But God who knew my present financial situation went ahead of me. When I got to the procurement officer to ask for feedback from the company, he told me that the guy was not eager to fulfill the requirement before we could buy from him. However, he had arranged with a registered supplier to go buy from him and supply to us!

Believe me I was not expecting him to take such an initiative! Indeed it was beyond my expectation. As I thought of it, I realized that I have been saved some money.

Indeed He is the Lord who saves cost.

November 13, 2008


It can be quite challenging trying to believe God despite all odds. When one is at one's wits end and it is obvious there is no place to go to, God remains your only option. Then you make a deliberate effort to kick out doubt and trust God who has spoken into your situation.

I had a trying time writing a proposal for my postgraduate study. After I had spent four months writing on a research area, struggling to write it just the way my supervisor wanted, he suggested a change of topic. Initially, I dreaded changing the topic because I was considering the efforts, time, eye aches, headaches and sleepless nights I had put in. However after much deliberation, I accepted to change my topic, spent three strenuous months writing and I submitted. I submitted at the last minute on the last day of submission against all odds. This was because it had to be just as my supervisor desired. Even up to the last day of submission, we were still making corrections.

The next hurdle was the proposal defense where it will either be approved or revision required or rejected. For someone who has spent almost the whole year writing a proposal, I was a bit apprehensive coupled with the impression I was given about the defense. I was told that the assessors do not hesitate to dismiss a proposal. I was made to rehearse my presentation a number of times. Though it was good for me to be prepared but I began to think that it was not in how prepared I was. It was in God granting me favour before the assessors. So I started praying:

"Father, You know am tired and bored with proposal writing and I want to move on to the next hurdle. However, the outcome of the defense determines the next step. I sincerely desire that the proposal be approved"

As I prayed, I saw a paper. I did not see clearly what was written on it but I did see that the word 'approved' was boldly stamped across it. I got up, believing that indeed the proposal had been approved. So I deliberately kept playing the picture over and over until the time to meet the assessors drew near. This helped me a great deal to relieve tension and to kick out doubt.

The presentation went well and apart from a minor correction, the proposal was indeed approved.

November 9, 2008

You are my Creation

Have you ever called yourself stupid? Well, I have, a number of times. But recently, I did something stupid and I said, "Ndidi, you are stupid!" Then I heard in my spirit, "Don't call yourself stupid. If you called yourself stupid, you are saying that what I created is stupid"

I found that interesting but I understood that God was trying to say that my action may have been stupid but I am not stupid. He certainly looked at everything He had created and He saw that it was good. So I am good!