December 4, 2008

I thought I heard God I

In the posts, 'Hearing God: my challenge' I stated that there were times I thought I heard God concerning certain things but the events did not happen as I supposedly heard them.

One of such times was on 31st January, 2006. I thought I heard God tell me that my sister will have a child the same year. I watched the year, 2006 pass by and it did not happen. I also had a mandate to pray and fast for her every Monday. Or did I give myself the mandate? However, I failed in this task - I did not fast every Monday of the year.

I found myself wondering - was it because I did not fast every Monday of the year that it did not happen? Or God probably did not speak as I thought.

However, we have not given up trusting that God can do it. Indeed, He is the one that gives conception and He created the human body. He can repair any physiological defect and make what may be medically impossible possible.


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