December 1, 2008

My Little Finger

It is amazing how little things are taken for granted. Initially we don't know how valuable they are until we are compelled to do without them. I had a deep cut on the little finger on my right hand which bled as if it would not stop. I got to the clinic only to realize it was closed. Next day, I had it cleaned and dressed with the instruction to ensure the hand is kept dry so that the wound could heal fast.

I had so much to do that I was ready to comply so it will heal fast. As I thought of my predicament, I remembered the scripture says all things work to together for good. I must confess I could not help but to wonder how a deep cut could work together for my good. Then I remembered that my handwriting has been poor since the cut. I realized the little finger plays immense role to the so admired handwriting of mine.

So one good is that I learnt that nothing, no matter how small should be taken for granted. It may be small but may be playing a huge role.


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