January 23, 2009

It may tarry but will come so good

The first time if I remember correctly God assured me concerning PhD and funding was on 22nd November, 2005 (that is the date I have written down). He told me to take the steps: apply, pray and wait consistently until the manifestation. Now I don't remember asking him which scholarship He will grant me.

I wish I had. perhaps I would not have wasted time applying year in year out for commonwealth, some schools' scholarships and recently TWOWS (Third World organization of Women in Science). Each came with the polite rejection and well wishing. You know, attempts to try not to hurt your feelings but at the same time saying No.

Each time I am turned down, I go back to God and I still receive assurance that I would get a scholarship. After TWOWS rejection, I felt I have had enough and did not think I would continue to waste time and money on scholarship applications. I have had to send some by courier, in case you may be wondering how I could have spent money on applications. Photocopies and scanning were undertaken as well as trips in some cases for interviews.

However, I encouraged myself in the Lord like David and applied for Wits University's postgraduate merit award. I got back to school to make enquiries concering the award and I was informed that I was given the award. God's word to me was fulfilled. The award would take care of tuition and some stipend.

As I thought of God's goodness to me, I realized that perhaps God may have only been interested in getting me an award with no strings attached. Commonwealth and TWOWS insist that you must return to your country. Not that I minded; home is home but perhaps God has got something up His sleeves (if He has any)...

January 14, 2009

Living a life worthy of Him

I applied for a scholarship in my school - postgraduate merit award (PMA) in November last year which takes care of tuition and some stipend. Before then I had applied for several scholarships and none was favourable. I began to wonder if God wanted me to go through school with ease or to struggle through it. At some point, I wondered if he considered it a testimony that may bless someone if I struggle through school. However, I encouraged myself and applied for PMA.

This year, yesterday actually, a friend told me to go find out if I got PMA. Today, I went in the morning to find out the outcome. I got to the financial Aid office, gave the guy my student number, he checked and then instructed that I go inside to meet someone. I reasoned I must have gotten it for him to tell me to go inside. Rightly so, I was given my provisional letter.

I thanked God, but by the end of the day, I felt I had not thanked God enough. So I asked God, "How can I thank You?" Immediately, I heard, "By living a life worthy of Me."