January 14, 2009

Living a life worthy of Him

I applied for a scholarship in my school - postgraduate merit award (PMA) in November last year which takes care of tuition and some stipend. Before then I had applied for several scholarships and none was favourable. I began to wonder if God wanted me to go through school with ease or to struggle through it. At some point, I wondered if he considered it a testimony that may bless someone if I struggle through school. However, I encouraged myself and applied for PMA.

This year, yesterday actually, a friend told me to go find out if I got PMA. Today, I went in the morning to find out the outcome. I got to the financial Aid office, gave the guy my student number, he checked and then instructed that I go inside to meet someone. I reasoned I must have gotten it for him to tell me to go inside. Rightly so, I was given my provisional letter.

I thanked God, but by the end of the day, I felt I had not thanked God enough. So I asked God, "How can I thank You?" Immediately, I heard, "By living a life worthy of Me."


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