August 22, 2010

How I can have more of God and less of me

Yesterday, I read Matthew 5:3;

"You're blessed when you're at the end of your rope. With less of you there is more of God and his rule." (The Message)

"Blessed are the poor in spirit, for theirs is the kingdom of heaven." (NIV)

I have heard 'more of God less of me' in songs and its been preached. But when I read it in The Message, I paused and thought about it. So Ndidi, since you have been hearing this, is self dead in you? Can you now say there is more of God and you have submitted to God's rule?

Then I turned to God today in prayer asking how there can be less of me so there may be more of Him and his rule. I sensed in my spirit these words:

"Declare daily you submit to God's rule; resolve to obey every instruction without rationalizing and giving excuses. When you begin to obey every instruction even when they are not convenient, the domination of the flesh begins to decrease"

Strong's concordance describes submission as a voluntary attitude of giving in, cooperating, assuming responsibility and carrying a burden.

So despite the flesh's (self) attempts to keep dominating, if I can submit to God's government, allow myself to be trained to obey him (which he is willing to do) at all times, accept that he knows the best for me, depend on him and not myself then there will be more of him and less of me.

It all boils down to total surrender; not in measures but wholistically.

August 19, 2010

He is ever so patient: So should I

I have come to realize that God's patience towards me does not run out. It does not mean he supports evil but it means he is giving me room to change. He also searches my heart and knows that I sincerely want to be who he wants me to be - a true representative of him

However, I believe he also wants me to be as patient as he is (with me) with my colleagues, family and neighbours. This means when someone offends me, I should not blow my top. God does not when I displease him. He loves me and encourages me through my shortcomings. So he expects me to treat my fellow men as he treats me.

I get quite impatient with people especially when they are slow in taking corrections. I also can't stand difficult and proud people. However, I have to learn to rebuke tenderly and show the way in love.

Its not going to happen overnight but I will pray about it each day and take baby steps which I know if I am consistent will become giant steps.

Please pray along with me and let me know how you deal with people that get on your nerves.

August 15, 2010

His love never gives up.

A chorus of a song sang in church today went thus:

Your love never fails
never gives up
never runs out on me

Indeed, the song reassured me of God's unconditional love for me. And while we worshipped, I sensed God reaching out to me and asking me to come to him. He is ever ready to receive us more than we can imagine. We self-condemn ourselves, walking about with guilt while God has opened the door of freedom. He expects us to walking in through the door to him appreciating the great sacrifice undertaken by Christ.

So if Christ does not condemn us but loves us unconditionally, why should we condemn ourselves?

I have chosen to respond to God's giving, invitation to freedom and I have set out on the journey of knowing him. What about you?

August 12, 2010

A walk to Repentance: Part II

Last post on 'a walk to repentance' was more of questions.

And as I pondered on the questions I asked myself, I decided that going back to the basics may do me some good. I began to think I may have been building my life on sand and so whatever I tried to build gets blown away by the wind (or even the air from a child's mouth!)! Terrible! you would say!

So to the basics I have gone. I went ahead to buy 'The Walk Series - A walk to repentance' by Steve Gallagher. Its a 24 week guide to personal transformation and its my desire that after going through it, I will be transformed.

Now, because of my work schedule, it becomes difficult to follow it day by day and I was beginning to feel pressured. So I decided I would not struggle to study it as it is. Its a daily study for 24 weeks which means there is a study for Monday, Tuesday etc. However, I miss Tuesday studies because of my work. So I decided not to worry about the days and study page by page instead. And so far, its been great learning about submission, authority and accountability.

It became astounding when I went to church and a lady gave me a word of prophecy. She said God was taking me back to the basics; like a child learning how to wear her dress, tie her shoe lace etc. It dawned on me that deciding to go back to the basics was from God himself.

What the prophecy has done is I now have it on my subconscious that I will not quit the walk series no matter the challenges I face. Furthermore, I am confident that this journey I have embarked on will be a fulfilling and indeed a transforming one.

August 8, 2010

The devil only dangles sin

I woke up in the morning and wished I could sleep some more. On a Sunday morning, it was quite tempting but I dragged myself off the bed and got ready for church. I felt I may miss out if I did not go to church and I was glad I did.

One of the pastors shared her one month experiences at the Bethel school of worship. Afterwards, we arose and worshipped God. While we were worshipping, I found myself focusing on God's love and mercies upon me. I did not think I deserved them for I had displeased him times and times. I personally was not pleased with myself and as I discussed with him about it, he showed me a picture.

I saw a man standing, his face was not distinct but he held in his hand what looked like a pendulum and kept swinging it. He stood at a distance, not too far but at the same time did not attempt to draw close. He kept swinging the pendulum and I moved towards him to take it from him.

Then God explained that the devil dangles sin and I am the one that takes it from him. He does not shove it down me but dangles it. I look at sin for a while, then I reach out and accept to commit it.

What struck me and broke me was that the devil did not move. I did! As I thought about it, I realized that I can chose not to sin. The devil will dangle sin alright, but when I choose not to dwell on what he is dangling, then it is possible not to take action in that direction.

The death of Jesus on the cross has broken the chains of sin and so I am no longer bound. I have been set free to live a godly life and I can live a godly life. The devil will swing sin in front of me but he does not have the power to force me to commit it.

However, I also realized that dwelling in God's presence and focusing on him will help me not to set my thoughts on sins that the devil swings my way. Although I can choose not to sin, it is my continual dwelling in God's presence will ice my choice.

Indeed today I felt like someone whose chains have fallen off; like someone who was blind but can now see; and like someone who was ignorant and has gained knowledge.

August 2, 2010

A walk to Repentance: Part I

Are you hesitant about saying how long you have known Jesus as your Lord and Saviour?

Well, If you are not, good for you. I have been and am still hesitant to tell how long I have supposedly known Jesus. I keep feeling that the years are not commensurate with my level of growth and intimacy with him.

My shortcomings are still glaring and there are still foxes. The little foxes seemed to have grown to big foxes. Shockingly, some foxes I did not know before I encountered Jesus have appeared (or should I say have been born?).

Then I ask, "What happened to the scripture, 'old things have passed away and all things have become new'?"

I once asked a friend as we discussed our battles, "Is the flesh greater than the spirit?"

I asked another, "Why is my growth so slow? Why am I such a slow learner?"

Why do I yield to the flesh so often? God has made a way of escape for every temptation, why on earth don't I take the ways all the time.

These are my ponderings and answers will be welcomed.