August 19, 2010

He is ever so patient: So should I

I have come to realize that God's patience towards me does not run out. It does not mean he supports evil but it means he is giving me room to change. He also searches my heart and knows that I sincerely want to be who he wants me to be - a true representative of him

However, I believe he also wants me to be as patient as he is (with me) with my colleagues, family and neighbours. This means when someone offends me, I should not blow my top. God does not when I displease him. He loves me and encourages me through my shortcomings. So he expects me to treat my fellow men as he treats me.

I get quite impatient with people especially when they are slow in taking corrections. I also can't stand difficult and proud people. However, I have to learn to rebuke tenderly and show the way in love.

Its not going to happen overnight but I will pray about it each day and take baby steps which I know if I am consistent will become giant steps.

Please pray along with me and let me know how you deal with people that get on your nerves.


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