August 12, 2010

A walk to Repentance: Part II

Last post on 'a walk to repentance' was more of questions.

And as I pondered on the questions I asked myself, I decided that going back to the basics may do me some good. I began to think I may have been building my life on sand and so whatever I tried to build gets blown away by the wind (or even the air from a child's mouth!)! Terrible! you would say!

So to the basics I have gone. I went ahead to buy 'The Walk Series - A walk to repentance' by Steve Gallagher. Its a 24 week guide to personal transformation and its my desire that after going through it, I will be transformed.

Now, because of my work schedule, it becomes difficult to follow it day by day and I was beginning to feel pressured. So I decided I would not struggle to study it as it is. Its a daily study for 24 weeks which means there is a study for Monday, Tuesday etc. However, I miss Tuesday studies because of my work. So I decided not to worry about the days and study page by page instead. And so far, its been great learning about submission, authority and accountability.

It became astounding when I went to church and a lady gave me a word of prophecy. She said God was taking me back to the basics; like a child learning how to wear her dress, tie her shoe lace etc. It dawned on me that deciding to go back to the basics was from God himself.

What the prophecy has done is I now have it on my subconscious that I will not quit the walk series no matter the challenges I face. Furthermore, I am confident that this journey I have embarked on will be a fulfilling and indeed a transforming one.


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