September 6, 2010

Why can't I trust him?

                     Hitches make me ponder
                     Is God still in this?
                     Obstacles make me shudder
                     Will I ever achieve this?
                     Why can’t I trust God?

I worry so much that my head aches
Every move or attitude by someone is suspicious
I think so much that my heart aches
Every word by someone is suspicious
Dear Lord,
Why can’t I trust you?

Doubts fill my heart
Discomfort and anxiety dislodge my anchor
My aches and sadness beclouds my sight
Lord, in you shall I find succour
If only I can trust you

Worries help me not
Anxieties make me restless
Worries strengthen me not
Anxieties make me fruitless
Yet, why can’t I trust God?

O my father
Help my unbelief
O my Father
Grant me relief
Help me to trust you

Your promises are there
For me to hold onto
You are ever so near
I must draw near too
I must trust you

For you take no pleasure in they that do not trust you
But your delight is in they that rely wholly on you.


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