October 25, 2010

Oh Faith!

Oh faith

Why are you so far from me
Why are you not simple to have
Yet you are what moves God
But you are not as easy as a hand wave

Things around me becloud my focus
My Father desires that I look to Him
He assures me that we are on course
Sadly, I am too restless to listen to him
Oh faith
Why are you so far from me

I try to fix my eyes on Jesus
One moment on Him, the next around me
I try to hold on to His word
One moment on the word, the next on me
Oh faith
Why are you so far from me

For each challenge that comes my way
I struggle with you and often am defeated
I look forward to when I shall all the way
Be triumphant though afflicted
Oh faith
Will I ever be full of you

Why are you and patience inseparable
Oh, how trying and worrisome it is to wait
Wait, I try but not for long am I able
Lord, help me to pray, believe and wait
Oh faith
Soon, I shall be full of you


  1. Hi Didi,
    This is a lovely poem.

    You know, though faith comes by hearing the word, sometimes it looks far fetched and you wonder if you will ever be a faith giant.

    Well, God will help us and as the poem ended, soon we shall be full of faith

  2. Hi Ngozi,

    Thanks for your comment. The good news is that God is ever willing to help us know him and trust in him.