March 28, 2011

Christians should glitter as stars: why and how?

Sometime in October last year, I sensed God saying, “My people are like stars and they glitter. However, some glitter more than others. Those that glitter more do so because they are close to me and they get recharged”

First thing I wondered was, “Are stars recharged? If they are, how are they recharged?” So I decided to read a bit on stars. It was an interesting discovery. I understood that stars also have a life cycle. They are formed and they die. There are two types of stars that fit what God was trying to teach me. They are variable stars and white dwarfs. Variable stars are stars that change in their brightness. 

First, how do the stars not collapse under their own weights and keep glowing? The information I got from NASA site states that they are fuelled by the formation of helium deep within their interiors. Helium is formed by the nuclear fusion of hydrogen. This then provides the energy required for shinning as well as the pressure needed to keep the stars from collapsing under their weights. Now, white dwarfs are basically dead cells which do not experience total collapse based on the explanation that fast moving electrons keep them from collapsing. However, the white dwarfs don’t have energy as they no longer undergo fusion reactions. So how do they still glitter?

If a white dwarf is close enough to another star, it can pull hydrogen from the outer layers of that star and when enough hydrogen has built up on the surface layer of the dwarf star, nuclear fusion required to generate energy would occur and the white dwarf will glitter for a few days and the cycle begins again. Assuming the white dwarfs are not ‘recharged’ with the help of nearby stars, they are expected to stop glowing, cool down and become black dwarfs. However, no black dwarf is thought to be in existence yet. In addition, some white dwarfs have also been observed to vary in brightness. 

We are like the white dwarf; dead but raised to life by the work of Jesus on the cross. We do not have energy of our own. Our energies come from God. Remember that the word says apart from Jesus we can do nothing. We shine like stars and for a number of us, our degree of glittering vary over time. Let’s consider the degree of glittering like that of burning of fire. Fire has three colours – red, yellow and blue. The hottest part of fire is blue followed by yellow and then red. When a Christian glitters like a red fire, the person is getting far away from the source of energy – God. This Christian needs to bridge the gap or become cold and black!
With the above illustration, I understood why God said some glitter more than the others and those close to him get recharged. 

Now, why do we need to glitter?
From Genesis 1:16-19, we understand that God made the stars and set them in the sky to give light to the earth. The stars are to govern or oversee day and night and to separate light from darkness. We have been placed by God for this assignment. We need to glitter to separate light from darkness; to draw men unto God and to provide solutions in this problems infested world.

God expounded what he told me. I sensed him saying, “Like the star that helped the wise men find Jesus, so should you show me to men.  You need to so glitter for people to use you to find me. You must not dim out on their path to me lest they don’t see clearly and go in the wrong direction”.

How do we glitter and not dim out?
We have to remain plugged to our source of energy. We have to be constantly recharged. We must continue to shine brightly and never dim out. However, we can only achieve this by remaining in God’s presence. And remaining in God’s presence requires constant awareness of his presence and dialoguing with him. And more intimacy with God and consequently, more glittering is further fuelled by obedience.

We Christians are chosen! We have been appointed as light on people’s path. Let us keep shinning, continually increase our degree of glittering and never dim out.

Image by Olga Drozdova @