April 10, 2011

How to live a life of one who is created for exploits

Do you know as a believer in Christ, you are crowned by the father to lead his people by doing exploits? And if we do know, do we understand the implications? 

Our father opened my eyes to understand this: As a believer, I sit in heavenly places with Christ. I am crowned in majesty and endowed with queenly robe. Then, imagine a queen with a soiled robe! How much power will she exert? How can she influence her subjects? When my robe is soiled, I become self-conscious and it hinders me from taking giant steps. When people see my soiled robe, would they listen to me? Will they take me seriously when I tell them that I know the way to eternal life? Then I sensed God saying, “Do not soil your queenly robe. Do not displease the one who has enthroned you. Do not meddle with the things of this world for it will hamper your reign!”

However, our daily interactions with the world pressurize us to conform to its dictates. Trust me, I face this battle daily. So how then can we live a life of exploits? How can we daily please the one that has enthroned us?

1. By first understanding you cannot do it on your own
Jesus taught us a branch cannot bear fruit by itself unless it is attached to the vine. Apart from God, we can do nothing. Even Jesus who is God himself said he could not do a thing on his own. He acted upon his father’s instructions. He did only what he saw his father doing. So if he saw the father heal the sick, he healed the sick. If he saw the father raise the dead, he raised the dead. In sum, his father was doing exploits through him. So we need not worry about the possibility of us humans doing exploits. Indeed, Jesus assured us we shall do greater exploits than he did in three years. How? For our father will work through us. All we need to do is remain attached and in intimate relationship with him.

2. By studying and emulating the life of Jesus, our model
The book of John reveals to us, Jesus’ relationship with the father and he encouraged us to relate with the father in the same manner. Because of his intimacy with the father, he did exploits and the father was pleased for he said Jesus was his beloved son in whom he was pleased with. As you study the life of Jesus, you will find out that the will of God was his focus. He was always looking for ways to glorify his father. He understood that glorifying the father was his reward. He got a message that his close friend, Lazarus was sick. He could have gone to heal him but he chose to delay because he knew that the resurrection of Lazarus will glorify God more and draw more men unto God. From the book of John, I understood that the impact of the miracle on the lives of the Jews continued for days. But then, think of it! The impact of the miracle of Lazarus’ resurrection is still felt today!

The book of John is loaded with how Jesus related with the father and his exploits. In effect, I have made up my mind to read the book of John over and over until I see its geometric impact in my life.

3. By dying to self
Death to self cannot be over-emphasized. If we don’t die, we cannot reproduce ourselves and consequently reproduce God. Jesus taught in John 12 that for a seed to reproduce itself many times, it ought to die or it will only remain a seed. When it dies, it sprouts and produces fruits and many more seeds. If you die to self, die to this world, you will have your life back forever, true and eternal. When you die to self, you will draw more men to the father. Death to self enhances intimacy with the father and when we are intimate with the father, like Jesus assured us, whatever you ask will be listened to and acted upon. Remember Samuel? His words did not fall to the ground. God was alert and constantly honouring Samuel’s words. In fact I think Samuel case was like that of Jesus who said, “I am not making any of this up on my own. The father who sent me gave me orders, told me what to say and how to say it” (John 12:49; MSG). Jesus also said “The words I speak to you are not mere words. I don’t just make them up on my own. The father who resides in me crafts each word into a divine act” (john 14:10; MSG). Isn’t that awesome? Christ did not live for himself while he was on earth. He lived for his father, our father. He was not out to have his own ways and ambitions. He made God, the father the goal and purpose of his life.

I am crowned and endowed by our father to lead his people to him by teaching the word. I am to worship him through science and writing. What a privilege! 

So what are you crowned and endowed to do?

Image by Leonard John Matthews @ flickr.com

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