August 28, 2011

We can stop being buddies with sin

I have a year devotional given to me by a friend. I am not a regular with devotionals but because of the effort and money my friend spent to ensure I have the devotional, I decided to use it faithfully. Recently I read a portion that really sparked fire in me. This devotional is written by a renowned Pastor in Nigeria, Pastor E. A. Adeboye and that day’s devotional was titled ‘force complements resistance” In it was an illustration – imagine if you are about to get into your bed and found a snake wanting to share the warmth of your bed because of the cold outside.

Now there was no way I would allow that. I would not sit on the bed; how much more lie down to sleep. As I began to think of it, I remembered back in my university days, the room I stayed in first year was near the toilets. And as long as our windows were open, we had rats to contend with. There were three of us and we would get up and chase the rat until we either kill it or it escapes. It was difficult for us to sleep without getting rid of it. A rat would come right up the bed; run right on top of the blanket and if any part of the body is exposed, it will be bitten.

First, it’s difficult to sleep if you have something running all over you even if you are separated from it by a blanket! Secondly, the rat could be infected. Now that is not cool at all. So as the rat comes in through the window, sleep goes out through the same window. Sleep can only return when the rat is killed or leaves through the window.  So I and my roommates would get up and make a choice. We don’t want the rat and so the chase would begin. There would be no sleep until the intruder is gotten rid off.

We struggle with sins or weaknesses for years because we have not matched force with resistance. Yes, we don’t like our struggles with sin and we pray about it. Sometimes, we cry; hate ourselves and wonder why we have not overcome. We overcome the first month and fall back to the sin the next month. Our victory over sin requires a forceful evacuation! Total annihilation with no opportunity of a bounce back! It is a battle and you must make a choice to win and the victory must be sustained. You can’t sleep with an animal that is not your pet. You would do everything to get rid of it. So do everything to get rid of sin.

Although it is a battle, it is also possible to have a sustained victory over sin. I spent time thinking about the illustration and the more I think of it, the more I realize that the scripture – submit to God, resist the devil and he will flee is not farfetched. Our lives are under siege with the devil working tirelessly to ensure that we do not conform to the image of God. We must strongly refuse to please the flesh or satisfy the unholy longings in us planted by the devil. Remember, the devil can only dangle sin but he cannot force you to commit it. So get up and make a choice!

I am on my way to have a sustained victory over the weaknesses in my life. As I give more room to God, there shall be less and less space for sin.

I would like to learn from you. Please share how you think one can have sustained victory over any weakness or sin.

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  1. Recently, I learned that when you make a drastic vow or declaration against sin, the grace to overcome comes on you. For example, "God let leprosy come on me if I commit fornication."

  2. Interesting Ngozi,

    That sounds like taking and sustaining one's salvation by violence.

    The victory starts with one's earnest desire to forsake sin at all cost and of course the grace is available to succeed.

    Thanks for your comment.