December 16, 2012

The word "Godliness"

What is godliness? Is it decoded from our apparel? Is it decoded from the way we walk? Is it about how long and how much we read the bible? Is it about how many times we attend church in a week?

What do we really understand by “Godliness?”

I am in the process of studying this word “Godliness” One of the popular verses on godliness is “Godliness with contentment is great gain” – I Timothy 6:6.

Godliness starts from the mind and it is a lifestyle

I choose to describe godliness as God-sufficiency which is true sufficiency.

I can not help but to think; if I really understand godliness, then it should be my ultimate focus. In godliness streams true sufficiency, thereby eliminating worries and building trust in God through whom we do exploits.

I need to increase my knowledge of godliness and comments will help. What is the spirit telling you about godliness?  

December 1, 2012

I need to be delivered from me

I need to be delivered from me
I have fed so much
And now I am overweight
All efforts to shed the weight proved abortive

Oh that it be weight only I am struggling with
I am also laden with parasites
They want to suck life out of me
The battle to rid myself of them is on
I get weary of the battle and I want to give up

Weights and parasites!
They consume my time, mind and body
When will I ever be free of them?
I try to strip but give up too early
I try to run but tire easily
Oh! I want to quit

I hear a voice telling me I can make it
I look and I don’t think so
I hear a voice telling me don’t quit
But what I see discourages me
Oh the spiritual fat and parasites

I need to be delivered from me
But how?

I hear a voice say, “focus”
I ask, focus on what?
I hear a voice say, “You mean focus on whom?”
Hmm… I am listening

Focus on him who had gone before you
Study how he did it
He knew where he headed
He never lost sight of it
Despite the challenges he faced
He never lost sight of where he headed

I hear a voice say, “Focus”
Look away from spiritual fat and parasitic sins
Focus on him at all times
Someday, you will see fat and parasites no more

I need to be delivered from me
I hear a voice say, “Focus’

                                                                              Romans 12: 1-2 (MSG)