May 16, 2014

The Woman! Who defines her?

“She is a housekeeper who must ascertain the smooth running of a home - hers or otherwise”
“She is a sex object available whether she likes it or not for the man whenever he wants sex”
“She is a weakling and she should be treated as such”
“She is only somebody respectable when she marries”
“Woman is she who can be seen but not heard and must submit at all times even if the situation is dead wrong.”
“She is Figure 8; right and proportionate curves in the right places. Otherwise, she has to check in for re-shaping.”
These are a few definitions the society has given the woman. Even the woman has not accurately defined herself. She allows herself to be defined and she struggles to fit and align herself to these definitions. When the pressure gets too much, some women take drastic decision that have unpalatable consequences. They resign to these definition and pressure fellow women to do so as well.
Woman! Who are you?
Who can rightly define a woman? Who knows her well enough to define her? The woman does not know herself well enough. If she did, she would not be subjected to or submit herself to inaccurate definitions.
Surely, there is one who has accurate definition of the woman! Her creator! One who formed her is the only one that can accurately define her. Only from him should the woman accept her definition.
The woman due to societal and peer pressures tries to be who she is not. She wishes she is where she should not be without understanding she is where her creator wants her to be at that moment. She ought to be content, be happy where she is. She should delight in who she is. But how can she delight in who she is if she does not know who she is?
The society defines her by her marital status. She accepts this definition and go into panic mode when she is not married. In panic mode she makes wrong choices and consoles herself she is at least married. But her creator says “Your marital status does not define you. I define you!”
She is viewed as a sex object and she is enticed with money in exchange for sex or “love”. So she gives away her body carelessly and brainlessly. Of course cases she is vandalized against her will is not ignored. But her creator says, “Her body is the temple I dwell in. I bought it with a price and it should not be vandalized.”
She is not to be heard but her creator says, “My daughters shall prophesy” She will be heard as she is a companion adorned in tenderness and peace; one who is trusted; and one who has a quiet and gentle spirit living in fear of her creator only.
When she can’t take the pressure and the brainless treatment anymore, she rebels. “Enough of these definitions and pressures to be these definitions! It is time I run my life. It is time I prove to the opposite sex, I am strong, I am your equal; I can be independent of you and I can be in control!” But her creator says, “Let me be in the driver’s seat. Relinquish control to me; yield your lifestyle (your day to day way of living) to me and let me be in charge of you. Let me be your Lord, manager, protector, friend and soulmate”
And her creator says, “Drop all definitions given by those who do not know you. Drop all definitions given by those who were not there when I formed you.”
“My princess, let me define you!”
But how does the woman obtain her definition from her creator?
Jesus asked his disciples, “Who do people say I am”. They reeled off names such as John the Baptist, Elijah, Jeremiah. These are who people thought Jesus was. Then Jesus wanted to find out who the disciples thought he was. Then Peter spoke up and give him his accurate definition! The Christ, the Messiah, the Son of the Living God.
Now when Peter gave Jesus his accurate definition. Jesus was very impressed and then he said, “Now I will tell you who you are!” You are Peter, a rock.
Woman, your definition is in knowing God for yourself. You don’t relate with him based on who people say He is. You relate with him based on who you have discovered he is. For in discovering God for yourself, you discover you. You obtain your definition.
The society will define you inaccurately but God will give you a perfect definition that exactly describes who you are!
Walk away from the society’s definitions; walk to and with God; then you shall know who you really are. Make knowing God your singular pursuit and watch him tell you who you are! In your walk with him and as you chat on, ask him, “Who am I?” When you know who you are; be who you are.
Who am I?
I am an African royalty with a cultural influence
I am a star recharged by God’s presence and shines on paths for people follow

These are some of God’s definitions of me.

So you woman reading this; who does God say you are? Please share in the comment section.
And if you are a man reading this, please share your thoughts.


  1. Great piece ma, it's high time we get rid of the negative influence of African mentality.

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