My first encounter with God was in the 90s. An Uncle invited my family for a christian outreach. Everyone in my family who went for the program accepted Christ. Initially, I did not attend any foundation class nor was I followed up but the stirring of the spirit kept me. 

Since then, my relationship with God has been a battle with constant distractions and hindrances but God has been faithful. It was in the midst of these struggles  that I felt the need to journal my experiences as I sensed they would be helpful as the journey continues. As I revisit these writings and meditate on the lessons, I will be encouraged to remain in pursuit.

Welcome to The Havilah!
It is my earnest desire that as I share my encounters, you will be enriched, encouraged and empowered to focus on Christ despite the obstacles, distractions and temptations. One thing is certain: God has not forsaken us and he loves us unconditionally. 

Please feel free to share your God encounters as well by posting comments; for iron sharpens iron.

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I have realized that sometimes we tend to feel more comfortable sharing some issues with people who do not know us intimately. The reasons we sometimes don't share with people close to us are: we may feel condemned and they may feel disappointed.

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I will get back to you. Indeed there are battles we can't fight alone and so some form of support is necessary.

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