Due to my study, I spend a chunk of this phase of my life on the web and an online parallel bible and study tools have been my source of enrichment. Biblica has about nine different English versions of the bible, one spanish, one portuguese and one french versions. The bible study tools include concordance and dictionary, adventures for kids and book outlines and themes. So if you are like me, then Biblica will be a great resource.

Pure Life
Are you battling with pre-marital sex, extra marital affairs, masturbation, pornography and other sex related sins? Pure Life Ministries will provide you scripture based counseling and teaching resources. Pure Life Ministries' ultimate goal is to lead christians to victory over sex related sins.

Worship Guitar Class
Have you always desired to learn how to play a music instrument? Its never late and do not even allow age to defeat you. Worship guitar class program will teach you how to play a guitar from the comfort of your home. If you have always dreamed of staying in your closet and worshiping God with your voice and an instrument, here is your chance. Visit Worship guitar class now for your first free lesson and begin to develop your skills.